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Resurrecting Jane de la Vaudère: Literary Shapeshifter of the Belle Époque By Sharon Larson Cover Image

Resurrecting Jane de la Vaudère: Literary Shapeshifter of the Belle Époque (Hardcover)

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This engrossing narrative recounts the story of Jane de La Vaud re (n e Jeanne Scrive), a prolific and celebrated writer of France's Belle poque. Interweaving biography and literary analysis, Sharon Larson examines the ways in which La Vaud re adapted her persona to shifting literary trends and readership demands--and how she created and profited from controversy.

Relatively unknown today, La Vaud re published more than forty novels, poetry collections, and dramatic works as well as hundreds of shorter pieces. A controversial figure who was known as a plagiarist, La Vaud re attracted the attention of the public and of her peers, who caricatured her in literary periodicals and romans clef. Most notably, La Vaud re claimed to have written the R ve d'Egypte pantomime, whose 1907 production at the Moulin Rouge featured a kiss between Missy and Colette that led to riots and the suspension of future performances. Larson scrutinizes the ensemble of these various media constructions, privileging La Vaud re's self-representation in interviews and advertisements, and brings to light her agency in creating an image that captivated public attention and boosted sales of her writings.

An engrossing examination of La Vaud re's life and work, this volume probes the quandaries of scholarship seeking to responsibly recover lost female voices and makes a long-overdue contribution to nineteenth-century French literary studies.

Sharon Larson is Associate Professor of French at Christopher Newport University.
Product Details ISBN: 9780271094441
ISBN-10: 0271094443
Publisher: Penn State University Press
Publication Date: December 20th, 2022
Pages: 204
Language: English