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Boss: Richard J. Daley of Chicago (Paperback)


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“The best book ever written about an American city, by the best journalist of his time.”— Jimmy Breslin

In the turbulent world of Chicago politics, Boss dives deep into the captivating life and legacy of Richard J. Daley, the influential politician and mastermind behind the city’s Democratic Party machine.

Mike Royko’s scathing and meticulously researched account follows Richard J. Daley’s rise to power, from his inauspicious youth on Chicago’s South Side through his rapid climb to the seat of power as the city’s mayor.

This engrossing biography brings to life the most powerful political figure of his time. With witty insight and unwavering honesty, Royko unveils Daley’s controversial tactics, his laissez-faire policy toward corruption, and his unprecedented influence as a “kingmaker.” From milestone achievements to cardinal sins, this eye-opening biography paints a vivid portrait of Daley, making Boss a must-read for history buffs, political enthusiasts, and anyone fascinated by the inner workings of power.

Uncover the secrets and the undeniable legacy of the last of the backroom Caesars in this compelling portrait of politics and power.

This new edition includes an introduction in which the author reflects on Daley’s death and the future of Chicago.
Mike Royko was a nationally syndicated columnist working for the Chicago Tribune. His other books include Like I Was Saying and Sez Who? Sez Me.
Product Details ISBN: 9780452261679
ISBN-10: 0452261678
Publisher: Plume
Publication Date: October 1st, 1988
Pages: 240
Language: English
"The best book ever written about an American city, by the best journalist of his time. Perhaps it will stand as the best book ever written about the American condition at this time. It comes at you from the saloons and neighborhoods, the police stations and political backrooms. It is about lies and viciousness, about the worship of cement and the hatred toward blacks, about troubling cowardice that hides behind religion and patriotism while the poor get clubbed and killed. … Royko’s book also does more written damage to a man than perhaps anything I have ever read. … I know of no place where it will not be read and quoted and kept and read again."
— Jimmy Breslin

“A pungent and precise portrait of how big-city politics work. And it is brisk and lively reading in the bargain. … Muckraking at its best, a remorseless book that bites and tears.”
— Christopher Lehmann-Haupt, The New York Times

“There’s nobody better than Mike Royko writing politics anywhere in the country today. About the book? It’s Daley; Royko’s got him to the life. And it’s Chicago. Even if you’ve never been there you know it’s Chicago. A fine job.”
—Russell Baker, The New York Times

"Stunning, astonishing, myth-shattering!"
— Studs Terkel, New York Times Book Review

"Without question the most devastating dissection of a personal municipal fief I've ever read … Brilliant!"
— John Barkham, Saturday Review Syndicate

"A great book … Chicago and the lesser towns that make up urban America may or may not die. But you won't understand why they hurst so much until you read Boss."
The Washington Post

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