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Masterworks of Art Nouveau Stained Glass By Arnold Lyongrun, M. J. Gradl Cover Image

Masterworks of Art Nouveau Stained Glass (Paperback)


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Art Nouveau was the dominant art style in both Europe and America at the turn of the 20th century. Its organic, curvilinear designs influenced painting, architecture, and sculpture, but it was in the decorative arts that Art Nouveau made its most lasting impression. One of its most delightful expressions can be seen in the delicately colored stained glass designs of the period, in which muted tones complement flowing representations of birds, animals, geometrics, foliage, and flowers. This volume combines two rare and important early 20th-century portfolios to present nearly 200 full-color stained glass designs.
The first of these volumes, previously published as Arnold Lyongr n's Masterpieces ofArt Nouveau Stained Glass, is reproduced directly from an extremely rare original edition created by the German-born artist. More than 90 magnificent motifs include lovely floral and foliate designs, graceful female figures in flowing robes, pastoral landscapes, seascapes dominated by billowing sails, humorous depictions of animals, and more. The second collection featured in this single-volume compilation, previously published as M. J. Gradl's Authentic Art Nouveau Stained Glass Designs in Full Color, presents more than 100 full-color Art Nouveau stained glass designs from the hard-to-find early 20th-century portfolio Bunte Verglasungen. The book's authentic, original designs were the work of several fine contemporary artists, including Raoul Bacard, Ren Beauclair, George Montague Ellwood, Rudolf Geyling, Josef Goller, and others. As a sourcebook for inspiration or direct use, this handsome collection of authentic full-color, royalty-free designs will be a welcome addition to any designer's studio or craftsman's workshop.
Product Details ISBN: 9780486824444
ISBN-10: 0486824446
Publisher: Dover Publications
Publication Date: April 18th, 2018
Pages: 96
Language: English