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Urban Isis: Part 3 The Return of the King Cover Image
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Alarmed by the rapid growth of ISIS, James Johnson-a legendary figure and massively wealthy underworld boss with a Harvard education-is poised to revolutionize the entire nation. Growing up in the gritty landscape of New Orleans, James, a Black man, has witnessed firsthand the damage the drug game has inflicted on his race. When he unexpectedly meets and befriends America's most wanted and deadliest fugitive, Osama Bin Laden, they form an unlikely partnership in an effort to eliminate the nation's drug trade. But the stakes are high, and many powerful people will lose fortunes if they prevail. And foreign assassins are pouring into the United States in what will be the bloodiest war ever fought in an effort to strengthen a race.
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ISBN: 9780578244471
ISBN-10: 0578244470
Publisher: Justice Now Books
Publication Date: March 3rd, 2021
Pages: 296
Language: English