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Giselle Mosley is an accomplished attorney recently making partner at Simon & Franklin - one of Atlanta's most preeminent entertainment law firms. In the midst of their demanding careers, she and two of her closest friends manage to carve out time for relaxation while catching up on each other's love interests. One of their favorite places to frequent is the renowned Apache Caf where they often find escape through the creative arts. Not long after encountering a mysterious gentleman, during one of the open mic nights, they receive a surprise invitation to the Cayman Islands. As the three start planning for the much-needed getaway, true love seems to have finally found them and life couldn't appear more perfect.

But...when selfish intent and past secrets suddenly emerge, the women soon learn that everything that glitters isn't always gold.


Product Details
ISBN: 9780578441696
ISBN-10: 0578441691
Publisher: Bellablack Publishing
Publication Date: June 13th, 2018
Pages: 244
Language: English