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All My Patients are Under the Bed (Paperback)


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All My Patients Are Under the Bed is Dr. Louis J. Camuti's entertaining memoir of being a cat doctor in New York City.

In this delightful collection of stories, veterinarian Dr. Louis J. Camuti relates some of his most interesting experiences making visits to patients' homes in NYC, with humorous and touching observations about his patients and their owners, and the mystique of "cat people" in general.
Louis J. Camuti was a New York City cat veterinarian who made housecalls on cats and their people for over sixty years. He was the first veterinarian in the United States to devote his entire practice to cats. Camuti also co-authored Park Avenue Vet with Lloyd Alexander.
Product Details ISBN: 9780671554507
ISBN-10: 0671554506
Publisher: Touchstone
Publication Date: March 25th, 1985
Pages: 222
Language: English