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Kids worry about so many things But God has a solution that releases kids from worry and keeps them from growing into totally stressed-out teenagers That solution is His promise to TAKE ON and TAKE OVER all worry if it is given to Him with prayer and faith. Boxes for God teaches kids how to do just that Boxes for God provides a simple visual tool (a box) that helps kids envision releasing their worries to God, worries that can include being bullied, making and keeping friends, getting good grades, images of war, team performance, family issues, etc. It explains that God wants children to focus on enjoying the good things about life and doing good things in His name rather than worrying. The message is supplemented with verses from the Easy-to-Read Bible that are easy to understand, inspiring and confidence-building. It has a fun-to-read rhyming pattern that keeps a young person's attention and delightful illustrations that kids can color in. God does not want kids to miss out on the help and security He provides, especially since a child who learns to rely on God will grow into an adult who relies on God That being said, Boxes for God is a good reminder for adults who worry.
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ISBN: 9780692420294
ISBN-10: 0692420290
Publisher: Nettesfeathers
Publication Date: January 8th, 2015
Pages: 26
Language: English