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Color My World: Dorthia -Sticks And Stones And Words Hurt Too Cover Image
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This story is about a ten year old girl named Dorthia Blake. Through an academic program, Dorthia who lives in a bad neighborhood is given the opportunity to be bussed to a school outside of her community. The school she is bussed to is Spaulding Hills Elementary. Spaulding Hills Elementary is in an upper class community and is where the children of the wealthy attend. Although the school and neighborhood are cleaner and more pleasant to the eye, the students aren't very welcoming. Dorthia is teased and humiliated constantly because of her appearance and where she comes from. She begins to realize how badly words can hurt. But at the end of the story, during a school talent show, Dorthia reveals a hidden talent. What is Dorthia's hidden talent? What makes this talent so powerful? Find out when you read Color My World: Dorthia- Sticks And Stones And Words Hurt Too.
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ISBN: 9780692529935
ISBN-10: 0692529934
Publisher: Baobab Publishing
Publication Date: October 16th, 2015
Pages: 42
Language: English