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According to a World Health Organization Fact Sheet, among women ages 15-44, violence accounts for more death and disability than the combined effects of cancer, malaria, traffic injuries and war. When Love Hurts was first published in 2000, it was designed to help women recognize the signs of abuse in a relationship and the abusive strategies their partner uses to control and disempower them. It also provides tools on what to do if a woman is experiencing abuse. The first edition sold over 11,000 copies outside of standard trade channels, largely through world of mouth. Along with stories of women who have experienced many forms of abuse, When Love Hurts also offers exercises that allow readers to make their own decisions about their lives, or to understand what a friend or family member may be going through. An important resource, this second edition includes updates, new exercises to help women understand what they are experiencing, information on Internet usage and a much-requested chapter on grief and the healing process. The book explores difficult questions and offers straightforward, real world advice about an epidemic problem in society - and one that women often keep silent about.

About the Author

Jill Cory and Karen McAndless-Davis are friends and colleagues who share a deep compassion and respect for women who have experienced abuse. Together, they bring over three decades of experience to their work. Jill began working with women in abusive relationships at the Calgary Women's Emergency Shelter in the early 1980s. She has researched women's experiences in leaving abusive relationships and has developed and facilitated counseling programs for women and their abusive partners. Jill currently works at B.C. Women's Hospital supporting staff who respond to women experiencing abuse. Karen's passion for this issue comes from personal experience of abuse. Karen participated in a group counseling program which kindled her desire to help other women living with abuse. For many years she has provided individual and group counseling to women in various communities. Karen and Jill travel widely to provide training on the women-centered approach presented in When Love Hurts.
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ISBN: 9780968601617
ISBN-10: 0968601618
Publisher: Womankind Press
Publication Date: February 14th, 2008
Pages: 106
Language: English