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A Letter To My Bully: Sticks, Stones, and Words Do Hurt features seven young girls ages 9-14 years old, who decided to turn their pain into their purpose by writing an open letter to their bullies, all bullies. Taking full advantage of this opportunity, the girls courageously express and release all of their questions, resentment, hurt and anger that has been experienced from their perspective, while standing and affirming their confidence, identity, and power. As they turn their pain into their purpose they are also raising awareness and being advocates to an awesome cause. A perfect complement to the letters is the expert contribution from five amazing women who have personal and/or professional experience concerning this issue, taking us into a more in-depth look into bullying.This book collaboration informs and gives insight that is great for others being bullied but also an eye opener for bullies to reflect on the negative impact caused by their actions. A Letter To My Bully also serves as a remarkable tool and conversation starter for youth, parents, teachers, and anyone who works with our young girls.
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ISBN: 9780985496128
ISBN-10: 0985496126
Publisher: Lilies of the Field Media, LLC
Publication Date: November 7th, 2014
Pages: 190
Language: English