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Voiceless Child: No One Dreamed She Might Survive, Might Talk. Except Two Ordinary People ... Cover Image
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True story. The Voiceless Child was voiceless, literally. Airway scarring rendered spoken language impossible. Her chest heaved as she struggled to breathe. Heather wasn't my child, but her distress tattered my heart. Fourteen months old, the little one lay swaddled in a blanket, forgotten and lost amongst unchanging hospital routines.
Heather had never felt the warmth of the sun, seen a field of wild flowers, or smelled bacon and eggs sizzling in a skillet. She knew the pain of needles and surgery, but not the comfort of a mother.
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ISBN: 9780999606421
ISBN-10: 0999606425
Publisher: Ann Widick Giganti
Publication Date: November 10th, 2017
Pages: 330
Language: English