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A hundred ways to tell whether or not your man is a queer suspect: This book brings awareness to women in relationships that could be potentially susp Cover Image
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Ladies want to know if your man is walking on the darkside and possibly gay or just have the tendacy of being a queer suspect.Well here in this book I highlight a 100 ways to identify guys who could be undercover gay or just have symptomatic traits of being one.

Are you a woman in a relationship with a man and your starting to question his masculinity and feeling unsure and suspicious by his demeanor ways. If so this book outlines the behavior to recognize within your relationship these signs to look for will peak your curiosity if nothing else. This easy to read guide is dedicated to woman who are concerned about their man's behavior and the possibility he could be on the down low homosexual. Insightfulness and understanding is what you will gain when you dive into "A hundred ways to tell whether or not your man is a queer suspect." So you won't be surprised or shock if you find out so. This information is yours for the taking it can also be another form of protection for yourself ladies when your invoved in a suspect realationship.

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ISBN: 9781087814032
ISBN-10: 1087814030
Publisher: Duane K. Whyte
Publication Date: November 19th, 2019
Pages: 20
Language: English