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ParABnormal Magazine March 2022 By H. David Blalock (Editor) Cover Image

ParABnormal Magazine March 2022 (Paperback)

By H. David Blalock (Editor)


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A Ghostly Job "The Ides of March" by Karen and Roxanne Dent

Apex by Herika R. Raymer

Taotaomo'na by Ethan Samuel Rodgers

A Good Man by Mark Towse

An Echo of the Fall by DJ Tyrer

The Painting by Jackson Robinson

Mortal Remains by Lamont A. Turner

Ghost Call by Dana Bell


Unknowing Hands by Scott Coutourier

Premonition by Guy Belleranti

Untitled by Ivan de Monbrison

The House with No Door by Alexis Child

The Cabin by Joanna M. Lawrie


Pregnancy Visions and Revisions of Supernatural Lore by Eve Morton

Kindling Paranormal Experiences by R. D. Hayes


Spirit Ride by Denny Marshall

Waves of Ghosts by Denny Marshall

Product Details ISBN: 9781087926605
ISBN-10: 1087926602
Publisher: Hiraethsff
Publication Date: February 27th, 2022
Pages: 138
Language: English