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What Are You? The Unflolding Story of a 1943 Bi-ethnic Adoption is a riveting memoir about a bi-ethnic woman whose Irish/Catholic birthmother made arrangements for her to be privately adopted by a bi-ethnic married couple in 1943. The memoir details the author's experiences as an adopted child, including her extraordinary encounters with racism.

In 1943, the State of Connecticut officially allowed private adoptions to take place between birthmothers and married couples. The signature of the husband of the birthmother is how the father of the child was determined, or it could be the man the birthmother designated as the father. This process existed many years before DNA testing.

This memoir is about a multicultural, multiethnic, and multi-religious adoption during World War II. The adoption was between the birthmother, her legal husband (who was not the biological father of the child), and a married couple. It was the last private adoption permitted in Connecticut for another 35 years.

The book details the extensive plans to maintain the privacy of everyone involved and the near failure of the adoption process. This story includes how the adoption occurred and details the lives of the key people involved. It captures how the child learned she was adopted, and how she dealt with her many cultures and ethnicities. The story also explores a mystery that occurred when the child was almost five years of age.

The book may serve as a guide for those thinking about adopting. It may also stimulate memories or questions for those who have been adopted.

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ISBN: 9781087938592
ISBN-10: 1087938597
Publisher: Dr. June P. Murray, Psychotherapies
Publication Date: April 1st, 2021
Pages: 120
Language: English