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Lilah is a young butterfly who has troubles at home and has to be placed into the foster care system. This book is about her journey to find her forever family that focuses on her emotions and experiences along the way. This book uses two different character's perspectives, a foster child and a foster brother. This book is great for children who may be in foster care or have a foster sibling. It will hopefully let children in similar situations not feel alone and help all kinds of children understand foster care a little better.

About the Author

Danielle was born and raised in Illinois with her three sisters. She and her twin sister entered the foster care system at 18 months old. They finally found their forever family when they were three years old. Danielle wrote her first book in her senior year Advanced Creative Writing class and plans to continue to write children's books. She, along with 50 other students In Illinois, received a college scholarship through the Department of Children and Family Services. She is attending Illinois State University where she is studying child development. She hopes her book will spread awareness about foster care and plans on donating her profits to organizations that help children in care.Angela was born and raised in Illinois. She was a dancer throughout her whole life and is attending Marquette University to major in nursing. She hopes to change lives in the future. She helped write her first children's book in her senior year advanced creative writing class.
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ISBN: 9781098396183
ISBN-10: 1098396189
Publisher: BookBaby
Publication Date: September 24th, 2021
Pages: 28
Language: English