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There is a reason that after 10,000 years, our culture is now unraveling--it has hit the wall. Every global crisis today shares one underlying cause--the story that perpetuates our culture, "the world belongs to man." This story has lead us to overpopulation-overshoot, peak oil-peak everything, financial crisis, environmental degradation, biodiversity crash, global warming, war, inequity, and distress. These crises are all happening at once and are symptoms of our modern cultural collapse.

We are witnessing birth of new cultures. Each culture will vary by its bioregional adaptation and expression, but all will share the original story that, "humanity belongs to the earth." The huge human population bubble will slowly deflate and we will finally be at peace with the earth and our fellow species. Find like minded people and go build a new world.

To find meaning in our world today, Culturequake integrates our history, a synthesis of current global crises, real long-term solutions, and a treasure trove of resources.

About the Author

Chuck Burr is a permaculture farmer, teacher and founder of Restoration Farm in Ashland, Oregon. He serves on nonprofit boards, was a software CEO, a community radio disk jockey, interned for President Reagan and has an MBA. He has been a traveler, adventurer, mountaineer, ice and rock climber. www.culturequake.org, www.restorationfarm.org.
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ISBN: 9781425110437
ISBN-10: 1425110436
Publisher: Trafford Publishing
Publication Date: September 4th, 2007
Pages: 296
Language: English