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The Dogs of Cancer: Dancing with Medullary Thyroid Cancer Cover Image
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Coming out of the fog and disorientation of general anesthesia from the operation, three words sliced into my comprehension with absolute clarity: Medullary Thyroid Cancer. These three words changed author William Kenly's life as he began a very intimate journey of personal discovery. Some friends would move closer, some would distance themselves. Some people would open up and share their deepest secrets because he now belonged to their "meddie" club, and other people would move against him, driven by the bully inside as they saw a vulnerable target. Kenly suffered at the hands of incompetent doctors and had unnecessary procedures and treatment. He was steered away from nutrition and other alternative medical treatments, but he also met doctors whose advice about this rare disease was insightful to the point of ethereal vision. In addition to the knowledge about dealing with cancer in general, and MTC in particular, you will enjoy the captivating, well-written prose of this journey, and you may realize that you are discovering glimpses of an inner god-consciousness that is sometimes the reward of personal exploration. This spirit leaps from inside of the blue part of us that routinely handles the everyday triumphs and tragedies, and this spirit's orange yellow leap connects the blue routine with some universal energy and understanding.

About the Author

William Kenly is also the author of the highly acclaimed The Dogs of Divorce (2010) and The Dogs of Luck (2012). The Dogs of Business is due out in 2014. Kenly was diagnosed with MTC in 2008 and writes frequently on the subject. He and his wife live north of Boston in their empty-nest home abutting a state park. They enjoy biking, kayaking, skiing, traveling, and watching their four 20-something-year-old children start their own adult lives. Contact the author at williamkenlybooks@gmail.com.
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ISBN: 9781478713104
ISBN-10: 1478713100
Publisher: Outskirts Press
Publication Date: March 15th, 2013
Pages: 188
Language: English