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The Novel 1-2 17 year old Kadisha Spencer finds herself all alone with no one to turn to and no place to go. Her world has been devastated by a tragic home invasion that leaves members of her family brutally murdered in cold blood and her beloved father abducted. After being gang raped, shot in the head and left for dead, miraculously Kadisha and her baby brother, Lil Ike are able to survive the grisly attacks. Unfortunately, Lil Ike ends up in the hospital barely clinging to life as Kadisha finds herself searching for answers with very little clues. Everyone's a suspect. It isn't until the handsome thug, Mellow comes to her rescue. Even though she has always had a crush on him, she knows that he too could possibly be involved in the murders. Kadisha's heart turns into stone after her horrifying experience which makes her a cold blooded killer. She realizes that she is the offspring of a gangsta and revenge is a part of her nature. She is determined to find the culprits and soon discovers that the one person she thinks she can trust is out to kill her.
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ISBN: 9781494303792
ISBN-10: 1494303795
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: January 3rd, 2014
Pages: 232
Language: English