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One would certainly question the world's need for yet another book on marriage. While it's true that the shelves are spilling over with such books, once in a while there are books written that can really make a difference. By giving insight into his personal life, it is the author's aim to do just that. By giving real life application to biblical ideals, he directs the willing husband to focus on himself. Regardless of his age or marital stage, this book gives insight that ranges from avoiding common mistakes husbands tend to make in marriage to saving a marriage headed for divorce. It is the author's desire to see the reader become a better husband and a better man simply because he can. Can wives benefit from this book too? Absolutely. Wives make mistakes too, and in most cases equally contribute to marital issues. But that's another book for another time. This book was written to the husband to say the things his wife can't say, doesn't know how to say, or what he wouldn't listen to her saying. Wives can use this book to understand the internal struggles that their husbands face and in turn serve as a source of encouragement during his process of change. What To ExpectIncreased confidenceOvercome difficulty with communicating complex thoughtsHope Wisdom for winning in marriagePractical steps for real breakthroughs DonCarlos M. Bain has been a minister of the Gospel for almost 20 years. He serves as a pastor, marriage counselor, father and husband. DonCarlos is an advocate for building stronger marriages through building stronger men. When he realized that "good men" don't necessarily make great husbands, he began sharing personal experiences and research to help husbands understand and overcome common challenges in marriage.
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ISBN: 9781498465670
ISBN-10: 1498465676
Publisher: Xulon Press
Publication Date: February 29th, 2016
Pages: 120
Language: English