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Life Lessons from a Ranch Horse: 6 Fundamentals of Training Horses—and Yourself By Mark Rashid Cover Image

Life Lessons from a Ranch Horse: 6 Fundamentals of Training Horses—and Yourself (Paperback)


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Learn the underlying principles of speaking both “horse” and “human” from an internationally acclaimed horseman.

Life Lessons from a Ranch Horse describes celebrated horse trainer Mark Rashid’s experiences with one special—and especially challenging—horse named Buck. Mark finds that Buck’s unique personality teaches him a wealth of information about how to build a strong relationship with what may initially seem like a difficult horse. During his time with Buck, Mark not only trains Buck but also observes how Buck “trains” other horses in order to maintain a stable and respectful group. Mark comes to understand that there are six underlying principles to both Buck and Mark’s most successful horse training techniques: non-confrontation, planning ahead, patience, persistence, consistency, and “fix it and move on.”

The second half of the book is devoted to demonstrating how horse owners can apply the six principles to their own experiences in horse training. Mark Rashid is unique among writers of horse training books for his skill at teaching trainers to lead by example rather than by force, using clear and consistent methods. In the afterword, Mark Rashid reflects on what he has learned since first writing about Buck, and how Buck’s life allowed Mark to dramatically improve his own emotional and physical well-being. Life Lessons from a Ranch Horse is essential reading for all compassionate horse owners who care about cultivating a mutually respectful and satisfying relationship with their horses.
Mark Rashid is an author and horse trainer. His books, such as Considering the Horse and Whole Heart, Whole Horse, follow his training philosophy, which is to find training solutions by considering the horse's point of view. The author of seven books, Rashid was featured on the PBS Nature series.
Product Details ISBN: 9781510750906
ISBN-10: 1510750908
Publisher: Skyhorse
Publication Date: April 7th, 2020
Pages: 208
Language: English
“Mark Rashid is a master when it comes to ‘talking horse.’” —SLO Horse News

Mark Rashid is “an outstanding and patient teacher.” —Anita Parra, retired ER veterinarian