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Who Are Targeted Individuals & Why Should You Care? By Gaye Leto Cover Image

Who Are Targeted Individuals & Why Should You Care? (Paperback)


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Targeted Individuals are those who are experiencing various form of surveillance harassment. Just about all Tis experience chronic, highly organized stalking. Many Targets also experience the sudden, inexplicable fracturing of personal & work relationships. Businesses are sabotaged & become impossible to sustain. Items from locked homes & cars are routinely found missing. Computers consistently malfunction & appear to be externally controlled, phones are hacked & automobiles need constant repair. Then there are what appear to be electronic assault activities effecting both mind & body. Symptoms range from burning sensations on or in various parts of the body to the hearing of internal voices & uncontrolled movements of the arms & legs. The result for those affected is a life void of hope, a life characterized by unrelenting fear, resentment, pain & despair. In the United States the military is credited with having developed the technology to implement this fantastic campaign to destroy the human psyche, but that is not the whole story. The reality is that Targeting is by no means limited to being an 'American' problem. Rather, it is a global one & while few Targets comprehend the actual agenda behind the predatory attacks they suffer, the truth is that no Target was ever randomly chosen. Find out their secret heritage & why they have been marked for an ostensibly senseless persecution.
Product Details ISBN: 9781530899630
ISBN-10: 153089963X
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: April 5th, 2016
Pages: 286
Language: English