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"The Superhero You Will Be" by Heather Neumann, emphasizes the importance of kindness by metaphorically comparing kindness to having a superpower. This analogy uses a fun, new, childlike perspective to demonstrate to the next generation that being kind can make the world a better place!

About the Author

Heather Neumann is a nineteen-year-old writer from Simi Valley, California, who feels passionate about the way people treat each other, as well as themselves. Through this book, Heather attempts to emphasize the importance of kindness and how powerful your words/actions can be to those around you. Neumann hopes to portray this message to the next generation using rhyming words and a fun new perspective on what kindness really is; a superpower!
Product Details
ISBN: 9781543931969
ISBN-10: 1543931960
Publisher: BookBaby
Publication Date: June 18th, 2018
Pages: 24
Language: English