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More Than a Pace Horse: It doesn't matter what platform you started with, it only matters what platform you're standing on now Cover Image
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Have you felt like you were built for the race, and all you desired was a chance to run? Have you ever had someone say you're not good enough? have you allowed labels to be placed on you as identity markers?
You are more than the labels you carry or the past you hold onto.
You are more than who they say you are.
Stop qualifying yourself out of, What God is qualifying you into
You can't change who you were or what you did or how you were raised. It doesn't matter what platform you started with, the only thing that matters is the platform God is building for you now. It's not always the biggest guy that wins the fight or event strongest runner that wins the race, it's the one who envisions the win and sees the victory when everyone else may see fear.
So you're the one that envisions the victory but there's no race for you to run. You're the one who looks over the fence and thinks in his heart, "there's more."
You have a learning disability.
You're too old, too young.
too much distorted past and disqualifying history.
The heart of a winner resides in the spirit of the pace horse. God can do more through you in an instant with one percent of his planning than you can accomplish in a lifetime with a hundred percent of your own.
It's time to partner with the Lord and dream big. It's time to do what you were built to do. It's time to get into the race.

Pastor Steve Qualls shares personal stories of inspiration from life lesson and biblical truths. Find yourself in these pages and discover you are God's thoroughbred, and he sees you as "More than a Pace Horse."

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ISBN: 9781545671009
ISBN-10: 1545671001
Publisher: Xulon Press
Publication Date: June 26th, 2019
Pages: 136
Language: English