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Falling Out By Gail O. Dellslee Cover Image

Falling Out (Paperback)


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Fifteen-year-old Kori is an outcast in both her family and her school. Her only friends are her pets-birds, cats, a dog, and a horse. After her parents and brother tragically die, she and her younger sister Sera are sent from their rural home to live in the suburbs with their aunt and uncle who they have never met before. Kori hopes to start a new life-to be loved by friends, a cute boy named Robin, and a new family. However, her sister takes all that she wants. Because Kori stands up for her cousin against their racist peers, she again becomes an outcast.Then one day, Sera and Robin have a falling out, which gives Kori the opportunity to take back all that is rightfully hers. Can she do it? Or will she be held back by the popular girls and the voices in her head that want to destroy her?
Product Details ISBN: 9781549652189
ISBN-10: 1549652184
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: September 10th, 2017
Pages: 172
Language: English