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Carving Blocks: Printmakers and Their Stories By Sandu Cover Image

Carving Blocks: Printmakers and Their Stories (Hardcover)


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Enter the world of printmaking and its makers, a diverse art form whose techniques employ skills as varied as the materials they employ, from carving to illustration, painting and printmaking. But whether utilizing wood, linoleum, or rubber as a matrix, all forms share a common ground and processes in common. This collection includes contributions by over 25 talented printmakers from around the world who illuminate the mysteries of block printing through in-depth interviews and inspired works. Through process shots as well as side by side comparisons of manipulated matrices versus finished prints, we stand witness to what is possible. The finished products are as varied as the artists and include posters and prints, cards and envelopes, gift wrap, zippered pouches, totes and more.
Product Details ISBN: 9781584237839
ISBN-10: 158423783X
Publisher: Gingko Press
Publication Date: May 14th, 2024
Pages: 240
Language: English