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A senior writer at "Time" magazine explores what scientists and researchers are discovering about sibling bonds, the longest- lasting relationships we have in our lives.

Nobody affects us as deeply as our brothers and sisters-not parents, not children, not friends. From the time we-and they-are born, our siblings are our collaborators and co-conspirators, our role models and cautionary tales. They teach us how to resolve conflicts and how not to, how to conduct friendships and when to walk away. Our siblings are the only people we know who truly qualify as partners for life.

In this groundbreaking book, renowned science writer Jeffrey Kluger explores the complex world of siblings in a way that is equal parts science, psychology, sociology, and memoir. Based heavily on new and emerging research, "The Sibling Effect" examines birth order, twin studies, genetic encoding of behavioral traits, emotional disorders and their effects on-and effects from-sibling relationships, and much more.

With his signature insight and humor, Kluger takes big ideas about siblings and turns them into smart, accessible writing that will help anyone understand the importance of siblings in our lives.

About the Author

Jeffrey Kluger is a senior editor and writer at "Time" magazine. He is the coauthor of the bestseller "Apollo 13" and the author of "Simplexity," "Splendid Solution, "Moon Hunters," "and two novels for young adults. He lives in New York City with his wife and daughters."

Praise For…

"This book had a profound impact on me that I never could have anticipated. . . . It's a compelling and beautifully written story, interwoven with fascinating, cutting-edge research. What I didn't expect was what I'd learn about myself. In our culture we spend so much time examining the ways our parents influence us that we miss a force that's at least as significant. While immersed in The Sibling Effect, I went back in time, reexamined my own life, this time looking through a new lens. It was a revelation."
-David Sheff, author of Beautiful Boy: A Father's Journey Through  His Son's Addiction

"Jeffrey Kluger integrates the latest research and brings his own fresh thinking to an ancient topic: sibling relationships. He weaves his own sibling experiences into his rich, insightful text. As with all good storytellers, Kluger's stories are sad/happy and heartbreaking/glorious. The Sibling Effect is for anyone who has ever wondered, 'Why can't I get along with my siblings?' or 'Why are we so different?' or 'How did my relationships with my siblings shape my personality?' I suspect that is most of us."
-Mary Pipher, author of Reviving Ophelia

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ISBN: 9781594488313
Publisher: Riverhead Hardcover
Publication Date: September 15th, 2011
Pages: 320