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Gua Sha Scraping Massage Techniques: A Natural Way of Prevention and Treatment through Traditional Chinese Medicine Cover Image


Learn the ancient techniques and health benefits of Gua Sha massage with this complete illustrated guide.

Gua Sha is a traditional Chinese therapy for expelling toxin and preventing diseases. A simple scraping plate coupled with oil, when applied to the body repeatedly, can reach the effect of smoothing Qi and blood flow, stimulating main and collateral channels, expelling toxins and alleviating pain.

This book explores the natural way of prevention and treatment through traditional Chinese medicine and explains the complete theories and practice for the treatment of over 100 ailments.

Through Gua Sha Scraping Massage Techniques you will discover:
•The principles of Gua Sha
•Tools, ways, and techniques of Gua Sha
•How to judge your own health status, prevent and tackle common ailments and achieve healthy complexion and physique through Gua Sha
•How to prevent and cure various diseases through Gua Sha, such as chronic diseases, bone-joint diseases, male and female diseases, more
•Apart from Gua Sha, other tips for diet, massage and daily habits that combat illness and help build up your health.

About the Author

Wu Zhongchao is a noted and experienced physician of Chinese medicine at the national level, serving as professor and advisor of doctoral students at the China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences (CACMS), chief physician of Acupuncture and Moxibustion Center of CACMS. A veteran practitioner of traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture and moxibustion, Wu has nearly two decades of clinical experience and has published more than 60 papers and over 10 books on the medical specialty. He has traveled extensively overseas for medical assignments and lectures and has been engaged in clinical teaching to local and overseas students for many years.

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ISBN: 9781602200326
ISBN-10: 1602200327
Publisher: Shanghai Press
Publication Date: May 22nd, 2018
Pages: 264
Language: English