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The Forgotten Beasts of Eld By Patricia A. McKillip, Gail Carriger (Preface by) Cover Image

The Forgotten Beasts of Eld (Paperback)


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World Fantasy Award-Winner
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"Rich and regal."
--The New York Times

Young Sybel, the heiress of powerful wizards, needs the company of no-one outside her gates. In her exquisite stone mansion, she is attended by exotic, magical beasts: Riddle-master Cyrin the boar; the treasure-starved dragon Gyld; Gules the Lyon, tawny master of the Southern Deserts; Ter, the fiercely vengeful falcon; Moriah, feline Lady of the Night. Sybel only lacks the exquisite and mysterious Liralen, which continues to elude her most powerful enchantments.

But when a soldier bearing an infant arrives, Sybel discovers that the world of man and magic is full of both love and deceit, and the possibility of more power than she can possibly imagine.
Patricia A. McKillip was the beloved author of twenty-seven fantasy novels, including The Riddle-Master of Hed, Harpist in the Wind, Ombria in Shadow, Solstice Wood, and The Sorceress and the Cygnet. She received the inaugural World Fantasy Award for The Forgotten Beasts of Eld and later received the World Fantasy lifetime achievement award. She was also a three-time Mythopoeic Award winner. Her more recent works included the novel Kingfisher and the collection Dreams of Distant Shores. Internationally-bestselling author Gail Carriger's debut novel, Soulless, won the ALA's Alex Award. Her wildly popular steampunk Parasolverse contains multiple series and was also published as a graphic novel. Carriger has received the Prix Julia Verlanger, the Elbakin Award, and the Starburner Award in Literature. Her novels have been published in eighteen languages. She lives in California.
Product Details ISBN: 9781616962777
ISBN-10: 1616962771
Publisher: Tachyon Publications
Publication Date: September 19th, 2017
Pages: 240
Language: English