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The Grammar of Ornament: All 100 Color Plates from the Folio Edition of the Great Victorian Sourcebook of Historic Design (Dover Pictorial Arch Cover Image
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This beautiful, highly influential book, long a classic in its field, remains today one of the most comprehensive and best-organized presentations of historic ornamental design. The original 100 color plates, meticulously reproduced here from the rare original folio edition, present a dazzling spectrum of copyright-free design motifs from both ancient and modern cultures. The Grammar of Ornament features designs from around the world: the West to the Far East and many cultures in between.

Graphic and fine artists will find nearly three thousand designs rendered in fine detail from a variety of sources:

  • Greek and Roman borders and mosaics
  • Celtic designs taken from manuscripts
  • Motifs from medieval paintings and stained glass
  • Floral patterns from Chinese porcelain, wood, and fabrics
  • Illuminated script from the Koran
  • Ornamentation from Turkish mosques and tombs
  • Moorish designs from the Alhambra

Connoisseurs of art and design will find the book's rich display of decorative motifs an endless source of contemplative pleasures.

The work of the celebrated English designer and architect Owen Jones, The Grammar of Ornament, initially published in 1856, was the first book to present a global and historical range of ornament in color, the first to display "primitive" art for its design content, and among the first to suggest nature as a basic design source.

Widely used and circulated, this prophetic work ushered in a major change in Western aesthetics and heralded the move towards nonrepresentational art. Its value as a beautifully organized and produced pictorial museum of historic ornamental design remains unsurpassed.

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ISBN: 9781626540613
ISBN-10: 1626540616
Publisher: Girard & Stewart
Publication Date: March 26th, 2015
Pages: 108
Language: English