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The End of Marriage: A pastoral ethnography within some African and Caribbean diasporas in the West Cover Image
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There is an epidemic of divorce within the African diaspora in the West. Throughout the community, it is not uncommon to find entire groups of people where divorce has touched every member present, some more than once. The effects of this epidemic are far-reaching and devastating, causing many pathological conditions and in some cases, even leading to death. Divorce in this community has now moved from primarily a social and religious issue to become a serious public health issue. The question is, where did this come from, and what can be done? How can this epidemic be stopped and the tide turned for future generations?

The End of Marriage by Adrien Ngudiankama is a pastoral ethnography developed over two decades as a pastor and social scientist working with the African and African Caribbean populations in France, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Containing sobering statistics, insightful case studies, and informed reflections, the book draws analyses from theology, sociology, anthropology, health promotion, and public health in order to address the question of what has caused the epidemic of divorce in these communities and how the problem can be solved.

With both academic and spiritual implications, this book is an important resource for those dealing with social issues related to the African and African Caribbean immigrant/refugee communities. Yet, with Adrien's experience in both the academic and religious realms, it acts as an important pedagogic manual to be used by both individuals and institutions, and readers will walk away with a holistic understanding of this situation occurring today.

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ISBN: 9781631298134
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Publisher: Xulon Press
Publication Date: September 14th, 2020
Pages: 132
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