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Why Motor Skills Matter: Improve Your Child's Physical Development to Enhance Learning and Self-Esteem Cover Image
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"This is an important book that] offers critical insights and the hope for a bright developmental future that all children, parents, and the professionals who serve them need." --T.B. Brazelton, M.D., Founder, Brazelton Touchpoints Center, Boston Children's Hospital

"Why Motor Skills Matter shows how children use their senses and bodies to explore their environments and what we can do to protect and strengthen this critical pathway for their development, health, and learning." --Joshua Sparrow, M.D., Director, Brazelton Touchpoints Center, Boston Children's Hospital

Learn To Use Physical Activity To Raise An Emotionally Well-Balanced, More Coordinated, And Happier Child

Playful interaction beginning in infancy is crucial to a child's cognitive skills, language, speech, and overall emotional balance. Filled with practical, age-appropriate activities for children from newborns up to age five, Why Motor Skills Matter helps you to:

  • Integrate touch, movement, and body awareness during playtime.
  • Ensure that your child progresses through the proper developmental sequence.
  • Determine if your child has sensory processing difficulties or disorders.
  • Avoid common developmental mistakes, such as using exersaucers, having your child wear hard-soled shoes, and promoting early walking.
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ISBN: 9781633934573
ISBN-10: 1633934578
Publisher: Koehler Books
Publication Date: July 24th, 2018
Pages: 256
Language: English