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Letters To My Dad In Heaven: Parental Loss - Wonderful Dad - Bereavement Journal - Keepsake Memories - Father - Grief Journal - Our Story - Dear Da Cover Image
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How to Use this Letters To My Dad In Heaven Diary:

8 X 10 Inches

120 Pages

The purpose of this Letters to My Dad In Heaven is to keep all your various heart feels and thoughts organized in one easy to find spot. Here are some simple guidelines to follow so you can make the most of using this book:

The first "Dear Dad, I Wanted To Call You Today And Tell You" section is for you to write out what you want to say to your dad, how you felt..so you can go back there to be reminded of your journey...

Most ideas are inspired by something we have seen. Use the "This Is What Heaven Will Be Like When We Are Together" section to write down all the things you wish about that day will be like...

The "This Is What I Imagine You Doing Up In Heaven Right Now" section is for you to write out all the things you imagine dad doing and recording your journey of loss...

And even more pages with the "When We Meet Up in Heaven Again, The First Thing We Will Do Is" section is great for writing out the plans you wish and dream to be doing with dad....

The "Today I Am Really Missing" section is for you to keep a visual reminder of each dream you have for things and plans you have when you are reunited in heaven...

The "I Am Having A Hard Time With" section is for you to describe your struggles and heart hurts with loss of dad.....

The "The Hardest Time of Day Is" section is for you to write out the time of day you feel down or depressed about missing dad and, any heart feels especially helpful for remembering later on...

The "I Have Been Feeling A Lot Of" section is for you to write out keepsake memories of how you're feeling about missing your dad, your story, your journey so your heart feels listened to....

Use this "I Could Use Some More" section as the place to lay out your plan of what you could use more of at this sorrowful time of loss and so your heart will feel understood...and much more

Whether you've just lost your dad, or it's been years now...you will want to write down all your heart feels in this notebook to look back on and always remember the things you want to say to your dad in heaven.

This Letters To My Dad In Heaven Log Book can also be a great gift for any grieving person in this sorrowful season Size is 8 X 10 inches, 120 pages, soft matte finish cover.


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ISBN: 9781636050454
ISBN-10: 163605045X
Publisher: Alice Devon
Publication Date: August 4th, 2020
Pages: 122
Language: English