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The Complete Guide to Baby Sign Language: 200+ Signs for You and Baby to Learn Together By Lane Rebelo Cover Image

The Complete Guide to Baby Sign Language: 200+ Signs for You and Baby to Learn Together (Paperback)


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Communicate with your baby with more than 200 ASL signs!

Did you know that babies and toddlers can understand sign language well before they can speak? This creates an exciting way for them to learn and communicate at an early age. The Complete Guide to Baby Sign Language walks you through a huge variety of American Sign Language (ASL) signs that you and your little one can learn together. Start things off with the essentials—like "eat," "potty," and "all done"— then move on to everyday signs for specific toys, foods, people, and even emotions.

Illustrated and easy to use—Each sign in this baby book includes an image and written steps to show you how to sign it correctly, along with tips for how to remember it and use it consistently with your child.

200+ signs—Go beyond other baby books on sign language with signs that cover everything from mealtime and bedtime to travel, play, and school.

Signing at every stage—Discover how signing can be an indispensable tool for communicating with babies, toddlers, preschoolers, and children with special needs—even before they're able to sign back.

Find new ways to connect with your child with this comprehensive guide to baby sign language.

LANE REBELO, LCSW, is the founder of Tiny Signs®, an award-winning baby sign language program providing classes, workshops, and professional trainings in the Boston area and online. Lane is a licensed social worker and worked for many years with families in the Boston area. Lane began studying American Sign Language in 2006 after her first baby was born and was amazed by all she had to say. She lives with her husband and two daughters in MetroWest Boston. You can find her online at TinySigns.net.

Product Details ISBN: 9781641525671
ISBN-10: 1641525673
Publisher: Callisto
Publication Date: October 8th, 2019
Pages: 206
Language: English

“Lane continues to amaze me with her ability to connect with such a wide audience—parents, caregivers, and educators—to help little ones communicate through signs before they can even utter spoken words! Detail oriented and organized perfectly to match the needs of a growing baby, this book teaches through day-to-day activities, songs, and popular children’s books. This is a must-have on baby registries and perfect for anyone working with children.”—Ella Owens, M.S., CCC-SLP, CAGS-ASD

“Even if you are brand new to sign language, Lane Rebelo's clear descriptions and joy-filled tips for memorizing will make it easy for you to learn and implement the most useful signs with your child right away! It's not just for fun; sign language bolsters social-emotional skills, strengthens the intellect, and gives your little one essential nonverbal communication strategies that will make those toddler years much easier for you both.”—Aubrey Hargis, author of Baby's First Year Milestones and Toddler Discipline for Every Age and Stage

“This book has the most practical ways to use signs with children. It dives into how to use them in routines and every day life. Most importantly, this book teaches about feeling words and how to use them. It is so important for little ones to have language to express their emotions, as it can eliminate so many emotional meltdowns. What I also love about Lane’s new book is that she teaches the reader to start with the individual child’s interests.”—Jill Vetstein, MSW, LICSW, CEIS, owner and founder of Nurturing Parents and Teachers