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Words: The GPS to Human Emotions Cover Image
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Allowing words to be used as a GPS device, one could travel from a positive position of a compass to a negative position of one.

The top of the compass can be compared to the words that encourage one to build his or her dreams.

Positive words can have the same effect as a traffic light. The green light allows one to proceed in the direction in which one wishes to travel. A direction full of prosperity, encouragement, and strong determination that will help one reach his or her destiny.

The bottom of the compass could be compared to the use of negative words, which could destroy one's dreams, hopes, or ambition.

Negative words have the same effect as a knife being thrust into one's back or a bullet shot into someone's heart.

Be careful how you choose your words. You can either tear someone down or help build them up.

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ISBN: 9781644587225
ISBN-10: 164458722X
Publisher: Christian Faith Publishing, Inc
Publication Date: February 11th, 2019
Pages: 74
Language: English