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Saints Codependent is the first in a trilogy. Pure fiction, yet influenced by real life stories, it offers fast-paced action and suspense. Follow the journey of three women, struggling to find their own identities. Wanting to "do the Christian thing" yet habitually leaving themselves out of their circle of care.

Constance fails to see how her intense community and social needs have blinded her to Norma's needs. Norma and Libby's choice to be loyal to their abusive husbands becomes harmful to everyone.

The evils these women have suffered are many. Domestic violence, sexual abuse, murder, kidnapping is just a glimpse of the skeletons in their closets, the "blemishes" upon their seemingly quiet, undisturbed towns.

This book gives insights to become more aware of the commonality of evil in all families, regardless of income, gender, sexual orientation, or race. It will challenge readers to learn, understand, and grow so that they might know themselves.

From beginning to end these characters will capture your heart and touch the deepest and most painful parts of who we can be when needs go unfulfilled. Their stories are gut-wrenching yet healing, reminding all of us that trusting God's love will not fail, even in unfathomable pain.

As you become privy to this family's darkest secrets, sit in on psychotherapy sessions, vicariously learning as they learn. If desired, at the end, answer some gentle yet probing questions for the individual reader or to be used in a group format.

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ISBN: 9781646707331
ISBN-10: 1646707338
Publisher: Covenant Books
Publication Date: July 20th, 2020
Pages: 212
Language: English