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Invent And Grow Rich And Famous At The Same Time: Turning Inventors And Non-Inventors Into Needle Movers Of Human Progress Cover Image
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Have you in your adult life, looked at the mirror and thought, "Ah, I wonder if by now I could have come further ahead in my life with more wealth and perhaps some fame to claim "Well, you're not alone. In this tactical and strategic guide to inventions and innovations, you will discover your UniqueImpactAbility - Your Unique Ability To Create Massive Unique Impact through your creativity and problem-solving prowess. The author shares 30 years of his experience in innovation, technology, invention and enterprise consulting in this book. You will learn -How you can leverage your creativity and problem-solving abilities to invent and innovate high value products, regardless of your age, background or education. Be rewarded with wealth and fame. -How you can invent or innovate simple products and services that solve complex problems, adding tangible value to people's lives, consequently making extraordinary impact. -How to conserve your time, money and energy in only inventing or innovating products and services that have high commercial value. -How to protect your intellectual property from thieves and copycats without expensive patents. Our world needs your creative ideas and innovative thoughts now more than ever before to solve our complex problems. What if you could invent or innovate value-adding products and services and grow rich and famous at the same time? Your Creativity is in Your Captivity. Is NOW the time when Your UNIQUEIMPACTABILITY can set it free, so you can move the needle of progress for human civilization? If It's not you, Who?If it's not NOW, When?If it's still not you, Why?Economy 2.0 is upon us.THRIVE Invent And Grow Rich And Famous At The Same Time is the second book in the UniqueImpactAbility trilogy and builds up on the fundamentals of innovation and invention that have been introduced in The Magic Of Inventing - the first book in the trilogy.

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ISBN: 9781647462871
ISBN-10: 1647462878
Publisher: Author Academy Elite
Publication Date: July 28th, 2020
Pages: 252
Language: English