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Have you in your moments of solitude and reflection looked at a product or service and wondered, "I wish I knew how to invent that - I would have become rich and famous"? Or perhaps, "I had thought about that idea years ago I should have invented that".Well, you are not alone. We are born with the natural gift of creativity and innovative thinking. This makes us the dominant species in the planet. Why then, do we fall short of dominating innovation? Why do we have these amazing ideas that can make a massive impact lives and yet shy away to claim our right to wealth and fame? Not any more...Our natural creativity has been trapped in our own perceived captivity of disbelief and misconceptions. In four lessons, this book frees you from heresay and guides you to discover and recognize the alchemy of your UniqueImpactAbility - Your Unique Ability To Make Massive Unique Impact. You will learn:

-How to free yourself from baseless misconceptions that are circulated on purpose to discourage commercialization of your creative ideas

-How to perform market research on an idea first before investing any time, money or energy on an invention or innovation.

-How to find simple solutions to solve complex problems that create massive impact on people's lives.

-How to choose between three possible roadmaps available for you to commercialize your invention.

Your UNIQUEIMPACTABLITY is the KEY If it is not YOU, Who? If it is not NOW, When? If it is STILL not you, Why, oh Why?Economy 2.0 is upon us. THRIVE

This book is the first in the UniqueImpactAbility trilogy and will introduce you to the ever enticing and exciting world of innovation and inventions which continues to move the needle of human progress. Regardless of your core competency or background, you are naturally creative and have the ability to solve problems - you do that everyday, sometimes even with unconscious competence. What if those problems you solve are also problems that others have not figured out a solution for - just yet? What problems are we talking about? We are talking about taking a person from pain to pleasure, from pleasure to the state of exhilaration. Essentially shifting the emotional state of a person from a low energy state to higher energy level is the problem. When that emotional shift is occurring through a solution, we say that the presenting problem is being solved. What if you could commercialize your solutions that could make an impact on others who have not quite figured things out just yet? Read this book to get your feet wet on this amazing world of innovations and inventions, to turn your intangible creative thoughts into tangible things by way of innovative products and services that makes an impact on your target market and brings you wealth and fame.

Your UniqueImpactAbility IS the key to the door that opens up a whole new world of opportunities for you in the new Economy 2.0 that is upon us now.

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ISBN: 9781647462901
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Publisher: Author Academy Elite
Publication Date: July 28th, 2020
Pages: 170
Language: English