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Vanity: Murder in the Name of Sin Cover Image
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Mitokoa, an idyllic, proud little town. Beautiful. Picturesque. Nothing special about it...until a gruesome murder happens in broad daylight in a busy cafe. When Detective Katelyn Rush is sent in to oversee the investigation, she knows nothing about Mitokoa-only its reputation. When she arrives, she soon finds more out of place than a murder. Something else has hit this town, something more horrendous than a killer. Worse still, it doesn't seem to have left. From the second she arrives, time is ticking-to uncover the murderer, the source of the madness, and the connection between them-before she is swallowed up in the insanity as Mitokoa's next victim.

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ISBN: 9781649218520
ISBN-10: 1649218524
Publisher: Atmosphere Press
Publication Date: August 15th, 2020
Pages: 306
Language: English