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No Matter Where, Deployment Journal: Soldier Military Pages, For Writing, With Prompts, Deployed Memories, Write Ideas, Thoughts & Feelings, Lined Not Cover Image
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This Deployment Journal is a great way to keep track of all the things that happen, your thoughts and feelings on your deployment away from your loved ones. The interior is a two page layout including prompts and space to write:

Name, Date, Time & Weather - Enter your name, date, time and what the weather was like.

Today I Feel - Write how you are feeling that day.

I Am Excited About - Record the things you are looking forward to.

I Am Concerned About - For writing anything that has you worried.

Something Or Someone That Brightened My Day - What was that special something that happened today that put a smile on your face.

What Happened Today - Write what your activities were for the day.

What I Miss Most - Enter the things that you are thinking about that you miss the most.

Things I Can't Wait To Share - Record the things you want your loved ones to know.

News From Friends & Family - Write if you received a phone call, text, email, letter, care package, etc.

World News & Events - Record news and events that are going on in the world today.

There's plenty of blank lined space to record any other notes such as your thoughts, ideas, memories, describing your adventures, special times, travels, any prayer you want to remember. Journals are a good way to relieve stress after a bad day. Makes a perfect book for taking on a deployment, basic training or any time you're away from your loved ones. Will make a perfect keepsake diary for you and your family to look back on. Designed for men and women soldiers alike. Simple and easy to use daily. Small enough you can take with you when you travel. Small, convenient design size of 6x9 inches,100 pages, soft matte finish cover, white paper, paperback. Get one today Thank you for your service

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ISBN: 9781649440761
ISBN-10: 1649440766
Publisher: Amy Newton
Publication Date: May 31st, 2020
Pages: 100
Language: English