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Baby's Daily Log: Baby Tracker Book, Schedules, Track Sleep, Diaper & Feedings, Health Logbook, Shower Gift, Record Newborn Firsts Journ Cover Image
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This cute Baby's Daily Log notebook is a special keepsake for parents to record all their baby's important milestones & memories for their first year of life. Never forget your baby's precious information, it's all written down & will be great for you to look back at over the years. The interior includes prompts and space to write:

  • Baby's Information - Name, Birthday, Sex, Blood Type, Birth Weight & Length, Head & Chest Circumference, Parents Names, Pediatrician's Info, Allergies
  • Memorable Moments - First Day Home From Hospital, 1st Smile, 1st Roll, 1st Crawl, 1st Tooth, 1st Stand, 1st Step, 1st Solid Food, 1st Family Outing, Said Mama & Dada, Slept Through The Night, etc.
  • Growth - Age, Weight & Height For Months 0-12.
  • Immunization Record - Vaccine, Date, Dose, Notes.
  • Feeding Schedule - Date, Time, Breastfeeding/ Bottle, Duration, Amount, Feedings Notes & Schedules.
  • Temperature Readings - Date, Method, Temp, Notes.
  • Diaper Changes - Time, Pee, or Poop.
  • Nap Time - Start Time, Wake Up Time, Total Time.
  • Food - Time, Food, Amount.
  • Reminders - Any important information you want to write.
  • Doctors Appointments/ Medical - Date, Doctor, Reason/ Diagnosis, Medicine.
  • Medicine Tracker Notes - Medication Name, Dosage, Times Per Day, Date, Time Given, Next Due, Remarks.
  • Additional Notes - Blank lined for any important information you want, any advice you received, best practices, etc.

If you would like to preserve every memory of your child's first year, writing it down in logbooks is the best way to keep it safe. Also makes a perfect baby shower gift for the new mom to welcome her baby. They will love it so much Can be great for family and friends. Simple and easy to use. Large size dimensions of 8.5x11 inches, 146 pages (73 sheets), soft matte finish cover, quality white paper, black ink, paperback. Get your copy today

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ISBN: 9781649442017
ISBN-10: 1649442017
Publisher: Amy Newton
Publication Date: August 9th, 2020
Pages: 148
Language: English