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This book is a compilation of some of the emotions that you may face during the grieving process. It is to bring awareness to the reality that we are all destined to die. It is to remind us that it is normal to grieve after someone you know dies.

As human beings, we all share one commonality, and that is someday we will reach the same destination, which is death. However, we are not privileged to know the day, time, or place when we will die. Only God knows the designated day, time, and place when our death will occur.

Death will come at birth for those who are stillborn. Dying before breathing even one breath. Others will die between infancy and becoming a senior citizen. Longevity is not promised, yet others may live to be as old as one hundred plus.

This book encourages us to face the fact that, eventually, death will touch all humanity. No one is exempt. And death is final.

Lastly, the main focus of this book is to impart the importance of grieving after someone you know and love passes away, that grieving is a process, that it is okay to cry, whether you are male or female, that you should not suppress grief, that God will comfort you as you mourn, and in time you, the living, will come to accept the loss of the dearly departed.

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ISBN: 9781662418174
ISBN-10: 1662418175
Publisher: Page Publishing, Inc.
Publication Date: January 7th, 2021
Pages: 50
Language: English