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Deep Mapping the Literary Lake District: A Geographical Text Analysis (Aperçus: Histories Texts Cultures) By Joanna E. Taylor, Ian N. Gregory Cover Image

Deep Mapping the Literary Lake District: A Geographical Text Analysis (Aperçus: Histories Texts Cultures) (Paperback)


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England’s famed Lake District—best known as the place of inspiration for the Wordsworths, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, and other Romantic-era writers—is the locus of this pioneering study, which implements and critiques a new approach to literary analysis in the digital age. Deploying innovative methods from literary studies, corpus linguistics, historical geography, and geographical information science, Deep Mapping the Literary Lake District combines close readings of a body of writing about the region from 1622-1900 with distant approaches to textual analysis. This path-breaking volume exemplifies interdisciplinarity, demonstrating how digital humanities methodologies and geospatial tools can enhance our appreciation of a region whose topography has been long recognized as fundamental to the shape of the poetry and prose produced within it.
JOANNA E. TAYLOR is a presidential fellow in digital humanities at the University of Manchester in the UK. Her research explores the uses of digital technologies at the intersection between literary geographies, cultural heritage, and environmental studies. Digital methodologies and technologies extend the reach of this work. She has published widely on these topics in leading journals across literary studies, digital humanities, and geographical information science.

IAN N. GREGORYis a professor in digital humanities at Lancaster University in the UK. He is particularly interested in using Geographical Information Systems (GIS) with texts as well as the more traditional quantitative sources. He has used these approaches to study a range of topics from historical demography to Lake District literature. This research has been the subject of a number of major projects including the European Research Council funded Spatial Humanities: Texts, GIS, Places and the Leverhulme Trust funded Geospatial Innovation in the Digital Humanities.
Product Details ISBN: 9781684483754
ISBN-10: 1684483751
Publisher: Bucknell University Press
Publication Date: June 17th, 2022
Pages: 290
Language: English
Series: Aperçus: Histories Texts Cultures
"It is rare that one book can influence several disciplines. Deep Mapping the Literary Lake District is such a title. Taylor and Gregory offer a compelling case for the spatial humanities, and in the process, make valuable contributions to literary studies, geography, history, and cultural studies. A truly innovative work."
— David Bodenhamer

Deep Mapping the Literary Lake District will quickly become a new standard in the field of literary geography. Its spatial synthesis of aesthetics, Romanticism, sociology, history, literature, and cartography will excite scholars from across the digital-analog divide. I highly recommend the book to every scholar working in these fields, as well as any reader interested in the Lake District and its rich, layered literature and culture."
— Ryan Heuser

"Taylor and Gregory brilliantly demonstrate how digital techniques developed for work at a wide scale can be employed for the full depth of deep mapping. The result is one of the most exciting demonstrations of the value of computational technologies in literary analysis that I’ve read in a long time."
— James Loxley