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Officer: Inspired By Rachel Morris. Written By Jennifer Morris. Illustrated By Chloe Mooring. Cover Image
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This book was inspired by Rachel Morris. Officer is a wonderful, fictional children's story told from the animal's perspective. The accounts and events of this puppy's life will surely pull on your heart strings and open your eyes. We follow along as tough decisions are made and promises are kept no matter how hard it was to do. This story is about loyalty, love, compassion, acceptance and being an overcomer. This story is about not always understanding why some things happen in life, but embracing them nonetheless. Officer is about second chances. This story is an example of how everyone, and everything, has purpose and meaning in life. As the story unfolds, you will see how animals make our lives better. Officer teaches us not to give up. Never lose hope. Keep dreaming. Believe love will find you. Know there is a reason you exist. Remember, shelter and recue animals are perfect pets and they want a FUR-EVER home. Once you have read the story, please go volunteer at an animal shelter or local rescue, say 'thank you' to a Service Member, give and donate out of the kindness of your heart, say 'I love you' to your family and then pass the book along to someone else who needs to read this heartfelt and heartwarming tale. My deepest adoration to Cricket Stemmermann. I appreciate all your help. Thank you Chloe Mooring for the beautiful illustrations. You are gifted and talented beyond measure. It was a joy to work with you. Rachel, my Rae of Sunshine, thank you for the inspiration and love you give every day. Jenni Wilde Hendricks, thank you for being the Hands & Feet of Christ for those without a voice. God bless all those that serve our great country and communities. God bless America.
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ISBN: 9781716210532
ISBN-10: 1716210534
Publisher: Lulu.com
Publication Date: January 31st, 2021
Pages: 50
Language: English