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Stumbling and Bumbling My Way to and Through War: A Green Beret's War Stories Cover Image
By Ben Guile, Morgan (Illustrator)
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In "Stumbling and Bumbling My Way to and Through War" I take the reader through many of the army adventures I have told to my kids in a "campfire" storytelling style. In life, I told the stories to my kids which fit the mood, at the time, but here I placed my adventures in chronological order for the reader's convenience. The stories begin with learning how to jump out of airplanes at seventeen and ends with my deployment to Afghanistan as a Green Beret Medic. It's filled with clumsy parachute events, humanitarian work in Thailand, scuba diving with monsters, humbling land navigation, getting into the Ivy League, tantrums in the desert heat, falling out of helicopters, playing with the press, glorious beards, mortal combat with a vicious chicken, living and learning with great Afghani soldiers, ruby hunting, and simple survival in the valley of death. War is such a crazy event and I did my best to convey it at a respectful level of humorous "campfire" stories. Please enjoy, document your own crazy adventures ....and do share.
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ISBN: 9781716715532
ISBN-10: 1716715539
Publisher: Lulu.com
Publication Date: August 9th, 2020
Pages: 418
Language: English