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"I can't wait to see the impact that this book makes in our schools. A must read for anyone who works with teenagers "
- Vance Morris
Principal, Burkburnett High School

School shootings occur every year. Teens die by suicide each week. Thousands of students are crushed by bullying every day.

Why can some work through the adversity while others can't?

JC Pohl, LMFT offers a direct pathway to one singular solution: resiliency.

It's the ability to take the hits and keep moving forward. It's the fortitude to get knocked down and get back up. This book offers a blueprint that is guaranteed to unleash the powers of resilience within your students.

Don't wait another minute to read this book

JC's keys to building resilient students might stop the next potential school shooter, save a suicidal student, or remind every bullied child that brighter days lie ahead.

- The Power of One Charismatic Adult
- The Need for Grit & Self-Efficacy
- The Idea that You're Never Alone
- The Value of a True Connection
- The Importance of Solution Focused Thinking


"This book is the perfect recipe for creating successful, healthy, and happy students."
- Brittney Neece, LMFT-S, LPC-S

"This book is FANTASTIC Some of the stories literally gave me chills."
- Valerie Pope
Assistant Principal, Keller Middle School

"JC brings to light student-centered approaches that will support every teenager."
- Thomas Manglo a II
Student, Mt. Carmel High School

- Proven tactics that build resilient students
- In-depth stories that will inspire both teens and adults
- A step-by-step guide to building school culture

JC Pohl is an award-winning producer and nationally certified counselor who has reached nearly 10 million people in 7,000+ schools. His work with TEEN TRUTH has sent him around the world, inspiring students, educators, and parents to tell their truth and be the difference.

He has keynoted conferences for CADA, TASC, BOOST, NASC, COSA, OASC, LEAD, NCSA, GAEL, NCASA, OSTI-CON, NASSCED, the Texas School Safety Center, and the PTA. His RISING UP: Coaching Program has reached students across the U.S. and consists of an SEL curriculum used by school counselors, the Texas Department of State Health Services, 21st Century ACE Centers, and Communities in Schools.

Pohl is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in the state of Texas. When not on the road speaking, he offers counseling services to select clients through Austin Divorce Recovery and his private practice. He holds a Masters Degree in Professional Counseling from Texas State University, San Marcos, and has sat on the board of the Austin AMFT.

You can find him on Facebook and LinkedIn or connect directly at www.jcpohl.com.
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