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Kingdom Economics: Unidentified Currency (Paperback)


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The volume of this book is about reversing the mindset of the Church in order to be released into kingdom economic wealth. Poverty is a mindset that was established through believing lies over a period of time about who you are and what you can have. Since your belief was built on lies, it will take truth and understanding to tear it down. May the truth give you freedom to prosper.
Shikina I. Fuller is the mother of four children: Elijah, Malachi, Josiah and Jazmine. She resides in the New York region, and is the founder and senior leader of Deborah's Army International Ministries. Her life is inscribed in the mandate of the five-fold ministries, and is an exemplary teacher to front line leaders as she builds through impartation, activation and mobilization through the awakening of spiritual gifts and assignments. Shikina I. Fuller is the CEO of New Life Leadership and Mentor Institute; a non-profit organization that brings healing and wholeness to broken homes, specifically single-parent homes. She is also the CEO of Profusion Extreme Network, Certified Life Coach, counselor and author.
Product Details ISBN: 9781722357405
ISBN-10: 1722357401
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: July 23rd, 2018
Pages: 68
Language: English