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The Last Real Nigga Alive 3 Cover Image
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After dispatching the Bonnie & Clyde robbing duo that hit his spot, LAFAYETTE is left to deal with a lengthy prison sentence and hired killas behind the wall. With nowhere to run or hide, Lafayette realizes that his back is against the wall. His only hope is to find allies inside of The Belly of the Beast, or prepare to find himself lying in a body bag.

The murder of family members brings out the head of The Sanchez Cartel, DIABLO. The Mexican gangsta is on a war path and will stop at nothing to avenge his people. Unable to get his hands on Lafayette, the drug lord sets his sights on Victoria. Kidnapping her from out of her home, he takes her down inside of a basement and hands down a brutal punishment that breaks her spirit as well as her body.

Will Victoria end up tortured to death? Or will she manage to escape the evil clutches of her abductor?

Embarrassed and ashamed, LOON takes it upon himself to launch an attack on the man that left him battered and bruised. Armed with AK-47s, he and his young hittas go after GAR with plans of putting him six feet under.

At the time, Gar is in the hospital in a coma. Will he awake before Loon and his men kill him? Or is he doomed?

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ISBN: 9781732792258
ISBN-10: 1732792259
Publisher: Travien Wedlow
Publication Date: September 13th, 2018
Pages: 210
Language: English