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How to Live the Dream: Things Every Van Lifer Needs to Know By Kristine Hudson Cover Image

How to Live the Dream: Things Every Van Lifer Needs to Know (Paperback)


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Are you bored with living in the city, going to work, and never seeing anything outside of your house or office? Do you feel like the walls are closing in on you? Do you finally want to say "goodbye" to the city streets and "hello" to the open road?

Everywhere on social media, you see breath-taking pictures of people who have launched themselves into van living with complete success. They seem to live the ultimate lives of freedom, rebellion, and careless, peaceful existence. Are you ready to join them?

Van Life is a lifestyle associated with freedom. With four wheels on the road at all times, you can go anywhere and do anything. No more stuffy conference rooms. No more waiting. And in many cases, no idea what to do next

In her debut publication, Kristine Hudson guides her audience from the wishful thinking stages, through the various levels of preparation required to put the key in the ignition and leave your "stationary home" behind.

Here are just a few of the things that "Every Van Lifer Needs to Know: "

-Whether van life is right for you- a look into balancing the reality with the dream

-Creating an environment of health and wellness no matter where you go

-How to choose your new home... and how to make it your new haven on wheels

-What you'll need to prepare for life on the road

-How to plan your new lifestyle and secrets to transitioning to road life

-Storage solutions to maximize your space

-Planning a budget ...and much, much more

Take a second to imagine how badly you want to hit the road... then think of how ready you feel No matter how deeply you wish to delve into the #vanlife lifestyle, author Kristine Hudson has tips that will help you become more prepared and confident about your plans. If you're ready to leave behind all of the noise, clutter, and frustrations of the stationary lifestyle and explore the country from a van, skoolie, or RV, click to add How to Live the Dream: Things Every Van Lifer Needs to Know to your cart now

Product Details ISBN: 9781735025308
ISBN-10: 1735025305
Publisher: Natalia Stepanova
Publication Date: March 29th, 2020
Pages: 116
Language: English