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There is an innate magical transformation that happens when one cares deeply enough to share their story with the world. The only real failure in life is the failure to grow from what we go through. Change empowers us to see life's transitions as opportunities for growth and provides not only the keys for shaping our lives today, but also hope for transforming our world into a place of greater love, peace, connection, and wholesomeness.
As you read the pages of this book, you will be struck by the power of a story well told. Storytelling, raw and vulnerable, brings to light untapped wisdom. Through her healing journey... A Hero's Journey... Audra has become an advocate for the positive that comes with change and bringing the light of truth in the lives of others. Audra's life has prepared her with unique experiences, well-earned wisdom, creative talents, and treasured gifts that she is sharing with the world. Indeed, to come to this place, she had to Move Mountains.

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ISBN: 9781735081793
ISBN-10: 1735081795
Publisher: Audra Weeks
Publication Date: August 24th, 2020
Pages: 202
Language: English