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Get Money Do Good

Twelve Children. Four Countries. Two Capitalists. One Story.

Debut author J.D. Vermaas confronts autism, human trafficking, capitalism, and conventional methods of "doing good" in this brutally honest adoption memoir. With the spirit of The Blindside and the heart of Bob Goff's Dream Big, Get Money Do Good tells this family's epic journey to a dozen children.

Having become successful in business beyond their wildest dreams, Drs. Garry and Jodi Vermaas embraced a deeply felt responsibility to do the most good possible. Having a son with autism spurred them to rescue 11 more children out of slavery and sexual exploitation. From Southern India, across China, and to the Philippines, they endured government opposition, financial ruin, broken bones, and children who-they were told-might never love them back.

Face-to-face with fierce opposition, wild success, and unthinkable heartbreak, J.D. Vermaas takes you on a life-altering journey that challenges everything you know about altruism. Her action-packed memoir illustrates a life of relentless faith while showing you how to change the world one messy story at a time.

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ISBN: 9781735396613
ISBN-10: 1735396613
Publisher: Vermaas
Publication Date: September 30th, 2020
Pages: 314
Language: English